Functional luxury for passionate women
with sense and talent

We Believe Every Woman Can Be Fashionable Professional

Created by global creators based in Paris, Seoul and Tokyo, SELENT ETHER is a functional bag brand for women who combine ‘SENSE’ and ‘TALENT’.

Under the slogan of ‘Carry Your Passion’,
a new concept of a luxury functional bag
that professional and fashionable women desire.


Searching for the Ideal Bag

"No bags—no luxury bags—could satisfy me because I am a woman who combines both a good sense of style and talent."

SELENT ETHER is a brand of Kim, a professional woman, that considers the aforementioned thought.

She received a luxury bag from her husband on wedding anniversary to use when commuting to work and she was looking forward to it becoming her companion.

However, she realized that she can't use leather bag casually worried about scratches and getting wet. Moreover, they are heavy and thus are not very practical at work.

She then wondered.
'Why aren’t there bags that are stylish as well as versatile and convenient to use?'

Having asked herself the question, she began to work on designing functional yet stylish bags with her fellow international creators.
Two years later, they launched SELENT ETHER, which means ETHER (the source) for working women having SENSE and TALENT.